Fire & Smoke Damage Repair in Houston

Fires not only burn your valuable belongings and property structures, but they can create lingering smoke damage, too. Proper fire and smoke damage repair, then, must get rid of the smoke particles that can cause your home not only to smell like smoke, but create an unhealthy environment. Add to the smoke and fire damage the water damage done by the firefighters, and you have a huge mess to clean up.

We at Restoration ResQ specialize in just those kinds of messes. As a full-service fire damage restoration company, we’ll fix everything back to just like it was before the fire. Just like magic.

You’ll never have to deal with another company, because we’ll take care of everything.

Houston Fire & Smoke Mitigation Services

In many cases, damage from fire and smoke doesn’t mean that your belongings are totally lost. In fact, we may be able to restore many of your items to their condition before the fire.

After one of our expert project managers inspects the damage, we go to work to clean and restore your belongings—and your property—so you can get back to your life with minimal disruption.

  • If needed, we’ll board up or install tarps on any exposed areas of your home.
  • We’ll remove the water and dry your building and belongings.
  • Next, we’ll remove the soot and smoke from all the surfaces in your home, and then clean and repair any damaged areas.

Finally, we’ll refinish and restore both your building and your valuables to their pre-fire condition.

Working with your Insurance Company

Your insurance company wants the same as you do—a restored home, a restored business—after a fire. After all, they want to keep you as a happy customer. But at the same time, they must watch their bottom line.

We work with your adjuster and your agent to come up with a plan that completely restores your home and belongings, yet comes in at or under budget—and on time. No wasted hours with Restoration ResQ. Our efficient, time-tested process reduces fire damage and restores you to normal in no time.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Houston

Finally, you can depend on us to restore your property and belongings to the same condition they were in before the fire. With our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose. We commit to provide you with the finest fire damage restoration possible in the greater Houston area.