Water Damage Repair in Houston

Flooding, sewer backups, roof damage due to severe storms, leaky toilets or appliances—or even firefighters’ efforts to put out a fire—all can cause major water damage in your home or business. Restoration ResQ can rescue your property and its contents from further damage, and repair what’s salvageable.

We check your building and its contents for both visible and invisible water damage, so you never have to worry about hidden damages popping up at a later date. We do a thorough job the first time.

Houston Water Mitigation Services

Water mitigation services reduce—or sometimes even prevent—the amount of water damage to your building or its contents after a leak or flooding. When you hire Restoration ResQ as soon as to start mitigation services right away, you may be able to avoid costly damage to your home or business. When you let these things go too long, you risk warped flooring, damaged walls, basement damage, and ruined furniture and rugs. If you have flooding or a leak, call us right away, so our certified technicians can save as much of your property as possible.

Working with your Insurance Company

We work hand-in-hand with insurance adjusters and agents to get your property back into shape as quickly as possible. We help your insurance provider to

  • Provide quick responses to owners whose homes have suffered property damage
  • Assess your needs and find the best strategy to restore your property
  • Obtain approvals in the amount needed to return your property to the condition it was in before the water damage
  • Manage costs, yet provide world-class quality restorations

Water Damage Restoration

Restoring your property to its pre-damage condition takes intricate knowledge of both what water can do to materials and how to correct the damage it causes. At Restoration ResQ, we have that knowledge—and we’ll put it to work for you with our no-risk guarantee.